When Viridian tells Violet about being teleported to the polar dimension, Violet says she'll look into it. She doesn't actually look into it.

How can Vitellary perform any tests without equipment? His lab really is just an empty room.

How did Victoria activate the shiny trinkets without any equipment?

How did she even make the trinket scanner?

I'll forgive Violet making the teleported scanner, she has terminals.

Wait, how can terminals do that?

The fact that the characters can find each other anywhere at all feels creepy.

On the Ask D.S.S. SoulEye Crewmembers! blog, Viridian reveals that Violet is a scientific doctor and Victoria is a medical doctor. Really, it's the other way around.

Verdigris somehow got on top of the ship to fix the antenna without supposedly having the ability to flip.

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