The Secret Lab is the second lab of the main game, it can only be accessed by collecting all twenty trinkets in the Dimension.

How to get there[edit | edit source]

When completing it, go back to the trinket room and talk with Victoria who is studying the trinkets, the trinkets will explode opening a huge portal that resembles Warp Tokens, this portal will get the player to a locked room, where Captain Viridian and other crewmates will "combine," which will destroy walls and take them to the Secret Lab.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

More information on page Achievements.

The Secret Lab have a room full of trophies. You will usually have one or two trophies related to completing the game normally and/or completing it on flip mode. A full list can be found in the page Achievements. These trophies were later added as Steam achievements in 2.2 version. Those who got one or more achievements prior to 2.2 received all of them once they started Steam.

Super Gravitron[edit | edit source]

More information on page The Gravitron.

Once the player gets to Vermillion on the lab, he will found a strange warp token. Vermillion will say that "he found it, and it is pretty hard", falling at the warp token will warp you to the Super Gravitron, a modded, much harder version of The Gravitron. It is infinite, and it is based on keep your record going up and up. Playing Super Gravitron for one minute will earn you several trophies/achievements. The Super Gravitron is a free-to-play separate game on Android and iOS devices, but still can be found in Android versions of VVVVVV.

Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

  • There is a Terminal near the Warp Token that brings you to the Gravitron. It reads:


The Super-Gravitron is intended for entertainment purposes only. Anyone found using the Super Gravitron for educational purposes may be asked to stand in the naughty corner.

The "Naughty Corner" is an area above the warp token. If they stand there, Viridian they will frown.

  • There is a small tunnel before you go to the Warp Zone. If you enter it you will get a small glimpse of the Lab.
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