Space Station 1 Edit

Space Station 1 is the first level in the game. You find this place when a teleporter divot happens. Space Station 1 is the easiest level, so new players can get adapted to the game's concept of flipping gravity.

How To Get Here Edit

A teleporter malfunction caused you to get here. It is the first place in the game.

  • Upon messing up your save data by using unsafe scripts in the Level Editor, it is possible to skip this stage. However, this makes it impossible to rescue Violet, thus making it impossible to complete the game.

Enemy Sets Edit

The most common obstacle, or enemy in the Space Station 1 is spikes. Ouch. There is also...

Stop Signs with Bodies,

YES Men,

Moving Platforms,

Disappering Platforms,

Little Men with Spears

And These Purple things with hats.

How To Exit Edit

After the room "Brass Sent Us Under The Top", you will enter the room "A Wrinkle In Time". In the room is a teleporter, which is your only way to get out of Space Station 1. When you enter the teleporter you will be transported to The Ship, which is basically where you start each time you save a crewmate.

Rescued Crew Member Edit

The only person that is saved is Violet. Even though she technically rescued you, it still says that you rescued Violet.

Rooms Edit

Notable Rooms Edit

Welcome Aboard Edit

This is the first room you enter that has an official name. This Room has no way to naturally die.

Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard, the first level in the game.

It's A Secret To Nobody Edit

The first room to contain a trinket. Fall down the hole in the level "Atmospheric Filtering Unit."

Trench Warfare Edit

Another trinket room. Move right from "Stop And Reflect".

A Wrinkle In Time Edit

The room that contains the second teleporter and the only way to get back to The Ship. (Did not find a picture.)

List Of Rooms Edit

Currently Unpublished. Sorry :(


A picture of It's A Secret To Nobody.

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