Trinkets (referred to in-game as Shiny Trinkets) are shiny, coin-like collectibles that unlock music tracks in the Jukebox. There are twenty trinkets scattered about in-game, both within levels and the overworld. If Viridian collects all of the trinkets in the game and talks to Victoria, a cutscene plays and the Secret Lab is unlocked.


Space Station 1Edit

  • It's a Secret to Nobody
  • Trench Warfare

Space Station 2Edit

  • One Way Room
  • You Just Keep Coming Back (commonly referred to as Gordian Knot)
  • Clarion Call
  • Doing Things the Hard Way (DTTHW for short, commonly referred to as Veni Vidi Vici)
  • Prize for the Reckless

Warp ZoneEdit

  • Edge Games

The LaboratoryEdit

  • Left of Entanglement Generator, in the second unnamed room.
  • Purest Unobtanium
  • Young Man, It's Worth the Challenge
  • The Tantalizing Trinket

The Final LevelEdit

  • V

Two trinkets are located in The Tower, four are in the overworld, and either Vitellary or Victoria hands one to the player.


  • The prize for the Reckless requires having the player die to obtain the trinket. Because of that, in No Death Mode and Time Trials, the room is significantly easier and is renamed, "Imagine Spikes there, if You Like" and "I Can't Believe You Got This Far" in No Death Mode.
  • Only twenty trinkets can be placed in a custom map, the same as there are in the main game.
  • The Tower is the only room to contain more than one trinket.
  • There are actually only eighteen trinkets in Dimension VVVVVV, as one has to be obtained by talking to Vitellary/Victoria, and the other is in the final level.
  • The trinket located in Doing Things the Hard Way is the only trinket to have six rooms dedicated just to it, the most of any in the game.
  • The same trinket is considered the hardest in the game, often by far. Players have spent countless hours trying to complete the challenge.

Gallery Edit

Estimate difficulty: Edit

Ranging from Very Easy to Very Difficult;

It's a Secret to Nobody (Very Easy)

Trench Warfare (Easy)

One Way Room (Very Easy)

You Just Keep Coming Back (Medium)

Clarion Call (Easy)

Doing Things the Hard Way (Very Difficult, arguably the hardest one)

Prize for the Reckless (Difficult on Normal and Flip mode) (Very Easy in any other)

Edge Games (Difficult)

Young Man, It's Worth the Challenge (Easy)

Unnamed #1 (Lab) (Easy)

The Tantalizing Trinket (Easy)

Purest Unobtainium (Medium)

V (Obtained in Campaign)

VVV (Ending)

Crewmate (After getting ten trinkets) (Very Easy)

The Tower #1 (Medium)

The Tower #2 (Medium)

Unnamed #2 (Near the Elephant) (Very Easy)

Unnamed #3 (Near Warp Zone) (Very Easy)

Unnamed #4 (Medium)

Unnamed #5 (Easy or Medium)

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