Chief Verdigris is a member of the DSS Souleye, who is later found in the Warp Zone level. The ship room he's located in is the Jukebox room. He is in charge of ship repair. Sometimes he can be seen atop the ship near the antenna, or near the back.


  • If Verdigris and Viridian are sent to Intermission 1, partway through the level, Verdigris mentions he has a crush on Violet and asks Viridian for advice. Later, Violet will mention her feelings for him to Viridian.
  • The Warp Zone room entitled 'Green Dudes Can't Flip' claims exactly that, and Verdigris is never seen flipping gravity throughout the entire game. However, he accesses parts of the ship that require flipping.
  • More proof of Verdigris' disability to flip is mentioned on the Ask DSS Souleye blog, and he specifically mentions that he was born unable to flip. However, the Ask DSS Souleye blog is not actually canon, so it is not a reputable source.
  • Verdigris is green, and is named after the color verdigris, which is green.

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