Vermillion, or Officer Vermilion, is the red character. He gets sent to The Tower. After rescuing him, he can

be found at places near a lost crew member. If you see him, you will know a crew member is nearby!

Also, when found in the secret lab, he directs you towards the Super Gravitron.

"It's pretty hard, I can only last about 10 seconds..."

Personality Edit

Vermilion was the only character to not have a cry of fear in intermission 2. (Instead, he said Whee!) He is brave, reckless and helpful.

"I can't wait to help you find the other crew members! It'll be just like old times!"



Vermilion is red because he got his name from the color vermilion, which is red.

One of the most common mistakes while spelling his name is two Ls instead of one