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This article contains out-of-canon details.

This article takes information from the non-canon DSS Souleye crewmembers blog.

A blue female villi

Villi are alien animals that have the ability to flip gravity relative to themselves.

They are incredibly similar to humans in shape and intelligence, but they seem to be more advanced; with spaceships flying inter-dimensionally, and the ability to remain in space for long periods of time without any repercussions.

Body and Features[]

Body Shape[]

Villi are blocky, humanoid animals, and although they aren't made of pixels, their depictions in-game are close to what they actually look like, judging by The Crew of the DSS Souleye blog, and the post-credits image.

Sexual Dimorphism[]

Male and female villi look exactly the same; meaning that it's difficult to tell which sex certain villi are.


Villi appear to come in multiple different colors. It is known that the color of a villi depends on the color of their parents, with dullness and color being the main factors. It is unknown what different colors mean, and so far they appear to be only aesthetic.

Flip chip[]

Villi contain an organ-like chip that enables them to flip. Some villi are born without this chip. They also seem to not take damage from landing after tall drops, which may or may not be related to flipping.


Villi are seen being able to "combine". This ability requires multiple villi putting themselves together and forming one giant, white villi. The combined villi is extremely powerful; seen destroying terrain simply by walking into it.

Home dimension and in Dimension VVVVVV[]

It is explained throughout the story that the dimension the crew of the DSS Souleye came from is in danger (later explained to be that it's collapsing), and the reason they ventured out between dimensions was to find a solution to the problem.

It is likely that the terminals, levels, trinkets, and Polar Dimension were created by the first villi to visit Dimension VVVVVV, judging by their use of recognizable language, the fact that terminals are a villi-made technology, and their use of teleporters.

In The Final Level, there is a room titled "The Villi People," the only place in game where the word Villi is used.