Professor Vitellary is the yellow member of the D.S.S. Souleye and a protagonist of VVVVVV. He is found in Space Station 2, in the room Frown Upside Down. If you do the first intermission with him, he mostly speculates about the source of the interference, and the polar dimension. If rescued fourth, he simply says "That was interesting, wasn't it?" about the Gravitron.

Trivia Edit

  • Vitellary breaks the fourth wall in the first intermission. In the room Now Stay Close To Me, he asks what "that big...C thing" is. Viridian says that they probably shouldn't acknowledge it, and just keep moving.
    • This is odd, because supposedly, Vitellary was warped to the room Parabolica and made it all the way to Frown Upside Down by himself. He must have seen a checkpoint during that adventure, but he acts as if he's never seen one here.
  • If you talk to him enough, he'll give you a trinket, as long as Victoria hasn't already given you one.
  • Vitellary is a biology term meaning "the yolk of an egg".
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